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  - Advertising is a marketing tool used by an organization to sell a product or to promote their Brand. It is a paid form of communicating a message which drives the potential customers to decide in favour of a particular product or Brand. i.e. is used to influence the purchasing decision and logic of the consumer.

Some of the objectives of advertising are –

Achieve immediate product sales

For reaching out to the target customers

Positioning the company’s brand and/or marketing mix

Introduce a new product to the market

To give information about the sales channels.

To have an effective advertising campaign the Organization must think of fulfilling the above objectives or to define the objective.

Various media are used for Advertising, some major ones are-

Television Advertising

is done using a television advertisement, also called a Television Commercial. Many organizations pay for production of Television programmes and intersperse the programme. The Television channels make the programmes with timeslots available for the Brands to do their Television advertising.

Print Advertising

is done by printing the advertisements on the Newspapers or magazines. Any form of brand information available through print media such as newspaper, magazine, journal, leaflet, pamphlet etc comes under print advertising. The type of readers of the newspaper and the magazine, decide the type of Brands which will use Print Advertising as their campaign medium.

For Example – a newspaper with high circulation and reaching out to masses is a perfect platform for Print Advertising of the mass consumer goods. Print advertising is again one of the most favored by marketers, as normally the educated people start their day by reading a newspaper or the magazine. The Print advertising revenues generated by the Newspapers and Magazines helps to smoothly run the establishment.

Radio Advertising

is done using radio. The Brands purchase the airtime for their Radio Advertising commercial from the radio station and air their advertisement on the radio. The Radio Advertising time slot is decided by the Brand based on the listener Target group of the programme. Though radio ads are one of the oldest modes of brand promotion, this advertising media is still relied on by various brand owners.

Internet advertising

is one of the cheapest form of advertising and can be used to address a wider audience. It is done by using banners, text on the websites and requires in detail planning & strategy depending on the organization goals, business model and involves proper choice of website. A very important aspect of Internet Advertising is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing SEM. Internet media rules the roost amongst the contemporary advertising channels. The web presence of a brand is indeed a must in today’s digitalized world.

Mobile Advertising

offers the most personalized advertising to the Brands, as Mobile is the most personalized device for any person. Mobile Advertising can be implemented in multiple ways like using sms, viral campaigns, using web banner, using wap banner, hosting etc. Mobile & Internet Media are considered as the future advertising mediums thereby poised to provide effective brand promotion solutions.

Outdoor Advertising

also called Out-Of-Home advertising is different from the Internet, Print or Television advertising, in the sense that outdoor advertising is done to reach the consumers when they are not in home i.e. when the consumers are in public places. Some of the media options available for Outdoor advertising are hoardings, pole kiosks, billboards, street furniture etc. Airport Advertising, Mall Advertising, Metro Advertising etc are some common avenues of outdoor mode of brand promotion.

Airport Advertising

is a very specialized type of OOH with the advertising happening in the media available at the airport. Some of the airport media options available for Airport Advertising are backlit translite, revolving display, product display, advertising on pillar wraps, scroller, billboard, overhead gantry, on pole kiosk, on aerobridges, digital display of Flight Information desk etc. Airport Advertising is becoming one of the in-demand avenues of OOH Advertising. Airport ads provide an elite appeal to target customers, prospects or decision makers.

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Launched on 16th Feb 2009, WorldWide Advertising Network Limited is a full service advertising agency that offers worldwide advertising services in terms of internet, mobile, airport, radio, print and outdoor advertising. Also accredited as the pivotal hub of advertising, this service agency works as the virtual market place for media owners and advertisers from all across the world. WWAdN as an advertising network enables worldwide media owners to present themselves and their products on a single platform. For media owners and advertisers, WWAdN is the right platform to get introduced and familiarized with their prospects and target groups.