What are the defined tools of advertising?

Advertising is considered as a paid form of non personal communication designed to influence a defined target consumer. Advertising is also considered as a marketing tool which can be mixed along with other promotional tools such as publicity, personal selling, sales promotion etc. A particular advertisement provides communication to a target audience about a brand or service. In this regard, advertising plays an important role in brand communication.

The purpose of any advertising campaign is to inform or remind target customers or prospects about the benefits your brand or service is going to provide. Hence, it can be quoted that persuasion is the prior objective of advertising. In order to persuade the target group, the communication should be enriched with original and fresh ideas. Besides, the right media vehicle should be used to convey your communication to the right target audience.

Benefits of Advertising

  1. Inform, instructs your target audience about your brand or service

  2. Attracts new customers, prospects and leads. Also encourages existing customers to spend more on your brand or service.

  3. Builds credibility and maintains the uniqueness of your brand thereby enhancing your reputation

Defined tools of advertising

Advertising communicates to the target audience through various means or tools. To broaden this particular view let us discuss about few defined tools of advertising below.

Broadcast Advertising- Television, Radio & Internet

Broadcast Advertising is a popular means of advertising that comprises of various branches such as television, radio, internet etc. Television ads are quite familiar to the target audience ever since they have been introduced. The cost of Television ads depends upon the time slots, broadcast time (prime or peak time) and popularity of the television channel where the ad is to be broadcasted. Audio-visual in nature, television ads are preferred by any target audience.

Radio Ads also provide a large impact on the audience. Small-scale advertisers use radio advertising as an ideal tool of promotion. Nowadays, there are a number of radio channels which make it evident that radio ads are still a favorite for various target groups.

Internet Advertising is one of the latest trends of broadcast advertising. Internet Advertising comprises of banner advertising, viral marketing, email marketing etc. Various digital agencies take care of internet advertising on behalf of their clients.

Print advertising

Print advertising is one of the most popular means of advertising. Advertising through print medium is common practice for a wide range of advertisers. Newspapers and magazines sell the ad space according to the area occupied by the particular ad. Examples of print advertising include newspapers, flyers, magazines, journals, brochures, pamphlets etc.

Outdoor Advertising or OOH Advertising- Digital signages, Kiosks, Billboards, Tradeshows/ Events

Outdoor Advertising is generally attractive in nature. Outdoor Advertising uses several tools and techniques to attract the outdoor customers. Billboard advertising and kiosk advertising are the two most common forms of outdoor advertising. Also known as OOH advertising, this type of advertising is the right medium to launch or promote a particular brand or service. Airport Advertising, Metro Advertising etc also come under outdoor advertising. Examples of outdoor advertising or OOH Advertising include billboards, digital signages, kiosks, posters etc.

Internet and mobile Advertising

Internet and mobile ads are the latest means of advertising widely used by a wide array of advertisers. Internet Advertising comprises of banner/text advertising (CPM, PPC, CPL), E-mail marketing, Viral marketing etc. Mobile Advertising comprises of SMS advertising, WAP/Voice portal/Gaming/Bluetooth, Contest hosting, Subscription based alerts, Downloads- ringtones and wallpapers, Sponsorship of zones, Brand zone/customer zone etc.

Is advertising important?

Advertising is the most imperative tool of any marketing campaign for a product, service, idea or business. Advertising tools differ from one organization to another organization however, the objective remains the same. The objective of an advertising campaign is to instruct, inform, and influence a particular target group so that they finally indulge in sales.

Advertising is important, advertising is necessary and advertising is beneficial. A less advertised product is less recognized among the target group. A product which indulges in a timely advertising campaign has more chances of staying on top of target audience’s mind.

Advertising is also important because one needs to stay ahead in the competition prevailing in the market. Advertising highlights the best features, benefits about the brand so that the target groups gets interested in it and finally indulge in sales. Whether it is about a new product launch in the market or promotion of the existing product advertising is equally important to create awareness among the target group. There are wide ranges of advertising options which include-
  • Television advertising (this involves TV commercials)

  • Radio advertising (any kind of promotion which is carried out in radio)

  • Print Advertising ( any print form of communication which promotes a product, service or idea and which is targeted in nature)

  • Outdoor advertising ( any out of home promotional activity which again targets out of home audience, Examples include electronic billboards, digital signages, posters, kiosks, lamp posts ads etc)

  • Internet and Mobile advertising - (new tools of advertising which have so far become the most popular means of advertising)
An advertiser may use a particular advertising medium or embedded mediums of advertising, the objective remains the same i.e. to generate sale of the product, service or idea. By providing an irresistible advertising campaign, it’s easy to influence the target audiences persuading them to buy the product or service.