Three Cost Effective Advertising Mediums

Advertising norms are meant to vary. People have different mindsets and norms. Likewise, brand advertising is second to none when it comes to different norms and nuances. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising and Outdoor Advertising all these mediums of brand promotion are meant to provide different nuances of advertising providing different appeals on target groups. In today’s article, let us focus on three cost-effective mediums of advertising that are comprehensively used by brand owners to advertise their products in the market.

Radio Advertising

Cost of brand ads through radio advertising is less expensive than television or print advertising. Radio Ads can also be placed in a time frame when it can provide maximum impact on target groups. Radio is the best channel for small-budget campaigns. Providing mass appeal to listeners, brand messages conveyed through radio advertising provide high accountability on target groups. Especially for local business owners, radio is the best medium to harvest a particular target group. Generating local contacts and interest amongst customers is easily done by tapping into the community of radio listeners. Radio Ads keep talking to everyone- be it to those ladies who spend time at the salon or those grocery owners in a locality. Keeping an ongoing communication flow, radio ads is indeed a cost effective medium of advertising.

Print Advertising

Print Ads reach out to target customers’ right at their homes or offices. Print Ads such as pamphlets, flyers, brochures etc. are couriered or sent along with magazines, journals or newspapers. Print Advertising is one of the most reliable forms of brand promotion. Anyone can rely or refer to a particular print ad. The brand details can also be sought easily through print ads as they are in written format. The cost of brand advertising through print media is less expensive as compared to other ad mediums such as television and outdoor media.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is one of the oldest means of brand promotion. Earlier tools of outdoor advertising were less expensive as compared to contemporary tools. However, brand owners continuously advertise their products through outdoor media. As compared to radio and print advertising, outdoor advertising practices are more expensive. However, an outdoor ad campaign is a one-time investment. Besides it is easier to generate brand awareness through an OOH Ad display because of its larger than life impact on target groups and also its easy accessibility for days, weeks and months.

Methods of advertising and promotional activities

Advertising is an art of communication that informs potential customers about products and services. Advertising as an art of communication attempts to convince potential customer to buy or consume a particular product, brand or service. With the rise of mass production in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, modern advertising has developed to a great extent.

Ads can be displayed on various mediums such as Television, newspapers, websites, billboards, movies etc. Advertisers use these mediums of advertising to influence consumers or buyers to buy their product or service. Political candidates or leaders also take help of ads to support or publicise themselves among the masses.

Some major methods of advertising include:

  • Television and radio ads
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Direct mail and email messages ads
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Newsletters ads
  • Web pages
  • Telemarketing
  • Posters and bulletin boards
  • Yellow pages
Various advertisers also use advertising promotional activities through the media to promote a particular event, service or product. A brief idea about how promotional activities of advertising are carried on is discussed below:
  • Articles or write ups: Articles or write ups can be either web-writing or printed version. What is important is the message that you convey in those write ups. Advertising agencies hire content and copy writers to handle this write-ups.
  • Letters to editor or editorial columns: Letters to editors or editorial columns are generally placed in newspapers, magazines, journals etc. These letters generally talk about opinions.
  • Press kits: Press kits generally includes those information about your business, products, pictures, testimonial from happy customers etc
  • Press releases or news alerts: Press releases alert the press about a new accomplishment, launch, success story etc. of a company.
  • Public service announcements (PSA)s: PSAs are generally conducted for non profits and are mostly free of cost.

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