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Top Channel TV is the leading national private broadcasting company in Albania. International and prestigious polls have shown that its colorful, entertaining, educational, informative, investigative and talk-shows captures the major part of Albanian audiences, even beyond state borders, in areas where Albanians live in the Balkans. (Zogby International showed a national rate of at least 65 percent of audience share, in May 2009)


Founded in 2001 by a young and ambitious entrepreneur Dritan Hoxha - passed away in 2008 at the age of 39 - it soon became not only the most watched TV Channel, but also the most trustworthy TV in the country, leaving far behind the Public TV and all other electronic medium, operating years before Top Channel. Its editorial line is independent, focused on the public needs for more developments and transparency by governments of all kinds.It broadcasts 8 daily news editions, with many talk-shows, hard and soft. It produces current affairs, reportages and documentaries of a wide range topics. Top Channel TV is highly watched for its entertaining shows as "Portokalli", "E Diell", "Ti vlen", etc. Since 2008, for two years in-a-row, it organizes Big Brother Albania, probably the most watched show of all times. It is widely called as the "the window of the future" for a country still in transition, almost 20 years after the change of the regime, from hardline communism into a democracy.
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