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The Malaysian Women's Weekly

Launched in 2000, The Malaysian Women´s Weekly is a broadly targeted, family-oriented glamour title covering fashion, health and beauty, "real-life" stories, cuisine, décor and Hollywood glamour. The Weekly is Malaysia´s fastest-growing women´s lifestyle magazine. It entertains, informs and is contemporary and relevant to today’s modern working woman.

Positioning Statement
The magazine that empowers an affluent generation of Malaysian women who have high expectations for their lives and which offers solutions and ways to make the modern working mother’s life easier and better.

website: www.acpmagazines.com.sg
contact: Anne Jacqueline Paul / Advertising Director

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CLEO Malaysia

Launched in 1995, CLEO shot to the top slot as Malaysia´s best-selling, English-language women´s title within three years. A friend and mentor to readers, CLEO is about confidence, naturalness, energy and fun. CLEO is Number One by making friends and staying friends with spirited young women, advising on fashion, beauty, health, sports, travel and lifestyle.

Positioning Statement
The must-read magazine for young, fun-loving, spirited Malaysian women who are always looking for ideas, ready to discover and wanting to learn.

website: www.askCLEO.com.sg / www.acpmagazines.com.sg
contact: Kwang Ai Ling / Advertising Manager

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Harper's BAZAAR Malaysia

Launched in April 2003, BAZAAR reports on the runways, beauty’s best, health issues, design innovators and celebrity lives to deliver compelling editorial with inspirational appeal. Harper’s BAZAAR provides a sophisticated and diverse array of articles, blending intelligent comment and stimulating features with outstanding photography, wit, glamour and informed round-ups of the best in fashion, jewellery, health and beauty, restaurants, travel, the arts and interior design. It offers a Malaysian perspective of the smart and cultured international lifestyles its readers either enjoy or aspire to. BAZAAR'S consumer authority attracts the prestigious brand marketers and passionate readers who are the current and future influences of modern style. Harper’s BAZAAR is designed to leave you breathless, make you feel good and send you shopping!
Positioning Statement
A style source that converges fashion and beauty with design, technology and culture, with accessible and up-to-the minute information that co-exist with cutting-edge photography.

website: www.acpmagazines.com.sg
contact: Debbie Joseph / Advertising Manager

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The Finder, Singapore & Malaysia

With a 20-year history, The Finder provides quality, timely, relevant and effective information in both print and digital formats - delivering trusted, essential resources for those living in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Singapore: Free monthly magazine, 4 supplements, website and monthly e-newsletter. Malaysia: 2 guides at RM9.95 per year, plus fortnightly e-newsletter.

website: www.TheFinder.com.sg
contact: Michelle Jones-White / Managing Editor
Phone/Mobile(country code-city code - number) +65 6227 7900 ext 100
Country: Singapore & Malaysia

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Cosmopolitan Malaysia

Dedicated to young women between the ages of 22 and 35, Cosmopolitan is one of the world’s most dynamic magazine brands. Launched in Malaysia in December 2005, Cosmopolitan is the first international title to be published in the local language. Cosmo answers the emerging needs of young women who crave contemporary information, explanation and guidance in the language they feel most comfortable using.

Positioning statement
Cosmopolitan is the lifestylist for young Malay women who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives.

website: www.acpmagazines.com.sg
contact: Kwang Ai Ling / Advertising Manager

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