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TV3, as the nation’s leading free-to-air (FTA) TV network, has continued to reinforce its market leadership that reaches out to the masses, offering its proven best-in-breed programming and quality content that are relevant to its viewers.

Combining the best of local and international content to reach its target viewers, TV3 has been a runaway success, drawing exceptional viewership ratings and strong support from advertisers.

TV3 made its debut on 1 June 1984 and rapidly achieved the leadership position as the country's favourite TV station, a position it has maintained even after the advent of Pay-TV. It commands over 44 per cent of gross advertising expenditure (ADEX) and 32 per cent of TV viewership across FTA and Pay-TV networks, with its award-winning programming and news coverage.,
contact: Sharifah Nurulhanan Syed Sofi (Hanan)/Communications Planning Executive

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8TV, with its tagline “We’re Different”, reaches out to the urban youth and Chinese audiences with high quality foreign programmes and unique local content. Within a short period after its debut on 8 January 2004, 8TV has emerged as one of the hottest media brands in Malaysia.

2006 has been another year of reckoning for 8TV as the coolest and hottest station in Malaysia as it continued to make inroads with the urban youth and the Chinese vernacular markets. Combining the best of US shows and Eastern delights, including the unique flavour of local content, 8TV consolidates its position further as the fastest growing network in its target market.

8TV has also won several awards and recognition from around Asia. The station won two awards at the 2006 Promax Asia Awards for Funniest Spot and Best Public Service Announcement. It also received three nominations for Reel Review, Vector Challenge and Spirit of KL in the Asian Television Awards.,
contact: Sharifah Nurulhanan Syed Sofi (Hanan)/Communications Planning Executive

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ntv7 started its broadcast in 1998 as Malaysia’s third private FTA station. It swiftly attracted significant following amongst viewers with its refreshing portfolio of wholesome family and entertainment programmes and varied content.

Known for innovative branding of its various programme belts, ntv7 with the “Your Feel Good Station” tagline has emerged as a leader in branding and creative content with strong following across urban viewers.

The acquisition of ntv7 by MPB was completed on 30 December 2005 and repositioned the station as a preferred channel among the affluent urban family households. This was complemented by the introduction of a new vibrant logo in July 2006 that reaffirmed ntv7’s aim to provide superior and quality content to its discerning viewers. ntv7 is targeted towards the urban and English speaking viewers.,
contact: Sharifah Nurulhanan Syed Sofi (Hanan)/Communications Planning Executive

Television Advertising                   Television Advertising TV9 station was acquired by MPB on 23 September 2005.

With its tagline “Dekat Di Hati”, TV9 aims to endear itself to young semi-urban and rural Malays who associate themselves with traditional Malay values, an important sub-group of the largest and fastest-growing consumer segment in Malaysia.
Making its maiden broadcast on 22 April 2006, TV9 offers wholesome current affairs and entertainment programming with a potential reach of 7 million viewers in Peninsular Malaysia.
With its reality flagship programmes such as Akademi al-Quran and their latest reality offering Cari Menantu, TV9 is poised to soar to greater heights, filling the gap left by other stations while at the same time meeting the needs of viewers who demand wholesome and educational programmes. TV9 aims at providing purposeful entertainment, striking a balance between entertainment combined with good moral values.,
contact: Sharifah Nurulhanan Syed Sofi (Hanan)/Communications Planning Executive

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Animax is Asia’s first youth brand specializing in the fastest growing youth entertainment genre – Japanese animation. Animax is the channel of choice for youth trendsetters, image-conscious, tech-savvy young adults and individuals seeking a unique entertainment experience. It offers a dynamic line-up of not only the highest-rated, most popular anime programmes as well as shows never before seen outside of Japan, but also original productions, music and technology-lifestyle programmes that are exclusive to Animax Asia. Animax Asia reaches over 29 million households across 21 countries in Asia (including Japan), and is set to become a leading iconic brand synonymous with popular youth culture.
contact: Grace Choong/Communications Planning Executive






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