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The Philippine Star
The only paper you read from cover to cover.

The Philippine Star is a daily broadsheet circulated throughout the Philippine archipelago. The Philippine Star is regarded as a vaunted pillar of Philippine media and is the only broadsheet with an established circulation in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. Readership Profile: AB – 20%, C1 – 22%, C2 – 37%, D – 21%; Male – 56%, Female – 44%
contact: Karen Principe

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Pilipino Star

Tapat sa balitang pampamilya.

Pilipino Star NGAYON is an offshoot of the pre-martial law era. A wholesome tabloid in Filipino that came to be noted for its commitment to responsible journalism for the mass-based readership.
Pilipino Star Ngayon’s image, as a staunch and unwavering critic against the excesses of the Marcos regime, did not last long after martial law was declared. When democracy was restored following the 1986 EDSA Revolution, Pilipino Star NGAYON resurfaced and pioneered the publication of full-color tabloid sized Filipino newspaper for BCD readers throughout the country...
Pilipino Star NGAYON has been reinvented as a tabloid for the current generation, thus, the slogan “Diyaryo-Magasin ng Masang in-na-in!”
Socio Economic Class: AB – 8%, C – 11%, D – 61%, E – 20 %
contact: Karen Principe

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The Freeman
Tapat na tagapagmulat ng sambayanan.

Founded by Paulino Arandia on May 10, 1919, The Freeman is Cebu’s oldest existing newspaper. It boasts many distinctions, including a record of new scoops that remains unparalleled to this day.

In 1998, The Freeman was elevated to the Hall of Fame by the Konrad Adenuaer Foundation Philippines Press Institute Community Press Awards after winning 19 of the first 22 awards given by the body. Readership Profile: AB - 64%, C - 31%, D - 5%; Male - 42%, Female – 58%
contact: Karen Principe

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Biradang may laman, salig
sa tapat na pamamahayag.

Banat’s wide network of circulation reach even in farflung areas with the full support and strong partnership with the NDAV (News Dealers Association of the Visayas).

Banat has reached the heart of the masses with nontraditional tie-ups w/ taxi and jeepney operators and groups such as CECUVA – an association of vendors in carbon market. A new section is added due to popular demand by our loyal readers. Hugyaw, as it will be called (meaning “fabulous, festive & colorful”) talks about Artista, Istorya and Kalingawan. Readership Profile: AB – 5%, C – 15%, D – 80%, Male– 75%, Female – 25%
contact: Karen Principe

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People Asia
Real Lives, Real Stories,
Real People

People Asia is about FASCINATING PEOPLE and their STORIES...those who make a difference...those who make us laugh or cry...those who create controversy...and those who lead and inspire.

Inside People Asia...
Must-go places and must-do activities. The latest fashion finds and must-haves and where to find them. The most breathtaking homes. Who and what to watch out for. What’s hot and happening.

Readership Profile: (Gender) Female – 68%, Male – 32%; (Status) Single – 47%, Married 53%; (Age) 22-45yo – 80%, 46-80yo – 18%, 16-21yo – 2%
contact: Karen Principe

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