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Animax is the first in this region 24 hours a day to run the animation exclusive channels, in addition to providing viewers in Asia, Japan's top animation studios and producers up-to-date, the most cool programs, but also efforts on behalf of young people become the leading brand of pop culture the goal. Planning for the viewers of this channel is extremely pleasing many of the programs, types include video, music, fashion and arts, and to provide young people meet the passion, the pursuit of a dream opportunity.

Seven days a week for 24 hours a day running of Animax Asia is now in the ratings as high as 28 million households. Animax Asia. Animax Asia in Singapore for the audience through six exclusive channels tailored to the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Philippines and other places to run. Animax Asia Sony Pictures Entertainment Company Animax Asia to SonyPictures Entertainment Company's subsidiaries.

Contact: HBO

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